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Servicing and Repair Services


At Border Chainsaw and Lawnmower Services we pride ourselves on the first-class service we provide to all of our customers.

After sales support of the machinery you have purchased from us, be it with advice, warranty work, service or repair to ensure that your machine is ready for use whatever the time of year.  Our large spare parts holding ensuring that the machinery can be turned around quickly and is turned out in top running condition. 

All our staff are fully trained in all aspects of your machine and where necessary they have attended manufacturers training schools to keep them up to date with your machine. We are also very proud to have a Briggs and Stratton Master technician, Stihl Advanced Technician and a robotic installation specialist.

In our workshop we only use Stihl fuels. For servicing and building of new machines all our mechanics only use alykylate fuels. This is for our and your piece of mind. Using Stihl fuel is better for your, machine, the environment, you and your pocket. In our well stocked showroom all our machines are built, tested and fuelled with Stihl fuel to ensure easy starting for the customer when they come in to purchase a new machine. We will always recommend the use of Stihl fuel and it is available to purchase in store in sizes from 1L – 200L.

All our work is carried out in our well-equipped workshop with a collection and delivery service available, however we realise that sometimes this isn't possible or necessary so we can be found in the height of summer helping a customer at home with a repair to ensure that they can continue to maintain their property.

Should the repair evaluation of your machine be deemed by our technicians as not economical against a new machine, you can trust that we will contact you to discuss how to move forward, the choice is yours! 

To enquire about a service or repair please complete the form below and someone from our team will be in touch

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