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Safety First!

Personal Safety is paramount when working with any forest or garden machinery. Therefore, we stock a wide range of high quality safety clothing and equipment. The safety clothing we supply meet all the necessary safety standards.

The protective gear we supply includes:

- Visors and muffs

- Rain jackets

- Safety trousers

- Seatless Trousers

- Safety wellington boots

- Leather boots

- Goggles/Glasses

- Safety helmets

- Masks

- Ear defenders

- Ear plugs

- Safety gloves


Visit our well stocked showroom today to discuss your requirements with staff.


As well as Safety Clothing, we also stock fleeces, beanie hats, body warmers, work shirts, work gloves, Stihl and Husqvarna Tops/T-shirts, neck warmers work socks, braces and padded shirts.


Stihl/Viking and Husqvarna merchandise available in store!

Safety/Work wear