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Keeping up appearances

Keeping the garden looking in tip-top shape is not all about the machinery with an engine!


That is why we also stock hand held tools such as rakes, shears, axes, loppers and secateurs.


Top it up

We sell Oregon and Stihl Chain Oil & 2 Stroke Oil and Briggs & Stratton 4 Stroke Oil. You can also get nylon line and new strimmer heads here at Border Chainsaw & Lawnmowers Services.

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Aspen 2T and 4T Fuel

Aspen contains virtually no harmful substances such as benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, polyaromatic hydrocarbons or olefins. Ordinary petrol contains around 100 substances including these harmful substances, but Aspen alkylate petrol only has around 10 of the least harmful. This means that the health risks from exposure are minimised. Aspen 2 is for land-based 2 Stroke engines such as chainsaws and hedge cutters and can be stored for 3-5 years.

Aspen 4 is for 4 stroke engines such as lawnmowers and rotary cultivators and can also be stored for 3-5 years.

Other Products We Offer

Don’t forget the kids!

We stock STIHL/VIKING children toys, including wheelbarrows, lawnmower, lawn tractors, chainsaws and strimmers!

Other products we stock include

- Log Splitters

- Saw Horses

- Forestry Accessories - Tree Markers; Wedges; Files; Bars & Chains.

- Stonecutter accessories

- Combi-Cans

- MacGas Cylinder

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